Welcome to the Frontier

Yeehaw! Yer in for a heckuva’ time here in the vast, wild frontier with Tall Tales, a folk hero roleplayin’ game set in the American frontier. There’s a fair chunk o’ this here land that’s still untamed, unexplored, and unknown. There’s all sorts o’ interestin’ folk in the frontier. Prospectors, explorers, lumberjacks, an’ hunters are lookin’ to make a livin’ off the land an’ the bounties o’ the frontier.

PaulBunyan3But there’s jest as many folk who want the frontier all themselves. They’re more interested in exploitin’ the land — an’ the commonfolk — for their own purposes. Not jest that, though. Life in frontier America can be mighty dangerous if ye don’t watch yerself. Ye gotta’ keep an eye out fer them wild gollywhoppers an’ hodags just waitin’ fer unwary folk to wander their way

They’re Called Folk Heroes for a Reason

Where there’s interestin’ things brewin’ there’s tales to be told. An’ where there’s tales to be told, ye’ll find folk heroes. Larger’n life an’ jest this side o’ unbelievable, folk heroes are a cut above commonfolk. In fact, strange as it sounds, folk heroes are kinda’ like some sorta’ super heroes of the frontier. When you hear all them stories, it’s mighty impressive. Many of ‘em got amazin’ powers, an’ can do things that commonfolk can’t.

Even though some o’ these super type folk heroes tend to walk their own path, a few o’ the more like-minded folk heroes have sorta’ banded together, if you will. Workin’ together for the common good, fer peace an’ prosperity across the frontier fer all the commonfolk. They’re called the Frontier Five, an’ their tales are spun from north to south, east to west. The Five’re led by none other than Davy Crockett, King o’ the Wild Frontier. Alongside his friends an’ fellow folk heroes Paul Bunyan, Pecos Bill, Calamity Jane, an’ Johnny Appleseed, the Five do their plum best to keep the frontier safe.

A Fearsome Frontier

But there’s far more than just them wild gollywhoppers to worry ‘bout when yer out in the wilds or workin’ yer way westward. There’re some real bad seeds bein’ sown all throughout the frontier. Jest like there’re these super folk heroes, there’re also them you’d consider villainfolk. Sure, there’s bandits, snake oil salesmen, an’ carpetbaggers. An’ there’s folk much worse out there.


Cornelius Vanderbilt

There’s a bunch o’ them mean folk who’re keen to take over an’ take advantage of whatever they can. The blackest o’ blackhearts. Some of ’em even have abilities an’ powers that seem to rival that of even the mightiest of folk heroes… or so the stories go. An’ no matter where you travel in the frontier, seems like eventually all things bad  snake their way back to the grit, grime, and grease o’ the Steamworks.

To some folk, the Steamworks is seen as progress and a leg up on the future o’ the country. But just as many folk’d call oppression, or worse. See, the Steamworks is a vast collection of resources, railworks, an’ renegades. A number of no-gooders work for the Steamworks, like Mad Mike Fink an’ Cordwood Pete. Their criminal exploits are funded an’  lead by none other than the Commodore of Crime himself, Cornelius Vanderbilt… an’ his mad vision of an industrialized, steam-powered frontier.

If only there was folks to stand against him. Hero type folks. Like you.

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